How do!

We are Enfable. We are two people’s contribution to the movement toward an ethical future. Armed with creative enthusiasm and a Sony HXR-NX30E we give a voice (and screen) to the often unheard folks busying away on progressive social projects.

The concept is simple. We provide low-cost videography to groups working towards social equality and community prosperity.

The stories we are told, from the fables we learn round campfires to the headlines of our newspapers, define the way we see the world. And the stories we choose to tell define the world for others. Too often, through mainstream media, we are proffered that we are consumers, individuals with self interest in a world of ongoing, unsolvable issues, and there’s not much we can do about it. Even those who identify the problems, who pinpoint the exact spanner in the works often neglect that final step of how to yank it out – of offering the alternative and showing us the most powerful element to any story: hope. Not the ‘let’s wait and see and I’m sure it’ll work out’ kind of hope – I mean the ‘there is another way and this is how we get there’ kind of hope. So, let us interfere with the iterative, and choose to tell the stories of hope, of people becoming their own agents of positive change, and through telling and living these stories we have already transitioned from powerless over-consumers to an empowered sustainable citizenry.

Last year, in Devon, we did participative community art projects, an international documentary, loads of crowdfunding projects and several insightful little pieces on social enterprises.

Now we’re in Bristol and ready to get stuck in to the vast social enterprise sector – there’s so much to uncover, so many stories to tell. Where to start?

The main concepts we weave into our work are the commons (the sharing of thought and space), participatory design processes (that any object or place is created by its users) and gift economy (giving services to good causes without necessarily receiving in return).

We’ve got some of the usual contact channels. Email or Twitter or Facebook: @enfable, /enfable. Talk to us about how we can help you tell your story – if you’ve got it we will accept food, shelter, local currency or that old-fashioned ‘pound sterling’.

We’re creating this site to store all the projects we’ve been up to. We’ll link to all our videos and share what we’ve learned along the way. You can find most of our videos here.

4 thoughts on “How do!

  1. Hello Hannah and Adam,
    Would it be possible for you to video the action on Aug 22nd in Bedford Square [ 11am to 1pm ]which is gathering to oppose T TIP?
    Thence to any other platform you can manage,to spread the word…..38 degrees would probably like to see something from Exeter.

    Love from Kim.
    [The deaf old woman with white hair]

    1. Hi Kim! We’d absolutely love to, but I’m afraid we’re away that weekend 😦 Huge apologies! Hope it goes successfully, we’ll be thinking of you all 🙂 Warmest wishes, Hannah x

  2. Your documentary “Autogestió: adventures into the new economies of Catalonia” was absolutely amazing and enlightening. I sent it to economist and Professor Richard Wolff, an ardent supporter of Worker Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDEs) in New York, USA. He was dazzled. His website:

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